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Aspiring to be peasants

For everyone from yuppies seeking lifestyle blocks to former slaves seeking a life of freedom, small farms have always been an attractive option. Making support for small farmers a priority is increasingly part of the development agenda, particularly in the … Continue reading

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Reporting development progress

The Overseas Development Institute in the UK has been producing a well-written series of short reports on development progress in particular countries. The results are synthesized into another report Mapping progress: evidence for a new development outlook but the individual … Continue reading

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The politics of nostalgia

On sunny days at least, New Zealanders can be charmingly optimistic in a naive sort of way, which I guess is why New Zealand has a high profile in international trade negotiations. You’d need to be optimistic to be a … Continue reading

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If we’re right, how come nobody cares? New thinking on public engagement

How do we encourage the public to support the work of international development groups? In the UK there’s quite a debate on this question, particularly in light of the change in the political environment marked by the election of a … Continue reading

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New worlds and alternate universes

Occasionally I read a headline so glorious I envy the sub-editor who had the opportunity to write it. ‘Italian Government Still Hates Anarchist’s Pickled Brain’ comes to mind, but that’s another story. In 2008, a writer at the The Economist … Continue reading

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change, blog, change

Welcome to change, blog, change, the new collaborative development blog hosted by Global Focus. Our aim is to facilitate critical discussion and we want you to be a part of it, so thanks for stopping by. The title of this … Continue reading

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