Reporting development progress

The Overseas Development Institute in the UK has been producing a well-written series of short reports on development progress in particular countries. The results are synthesized into another report Mapping progress: evidence for a new development outlook but the individual country reports are well worth a read.

The latest in the series are:

The whole set of reports are on the ODI site.

About Sam Buchanan

Sam Buchanan is a first-generation Pakeha New Zealander of mostly British descent. He sees himself as working-class, though he believes there are only two classes, workers and rulers, so many people might regard him as lower-middle class. He was de-educated at Kapiti College, self-educated by reading, and trained to do things at Wellington Polytechnic. Before working at Global Focus he was communications manager at the Council for International Development and has previously worked, paid or unpaid, as a teacher on the Thai-Burma border, tramping hut warden, shop assistant, engineering draftsperson, sub-editor and park keeper. He likes ducks, espouses anarchism, and lives in Paekakariki.
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