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A Family Fun Day Courtesy of Rental Cars

It was my day off and I decided to book rental cars Paihia for a road trip to Warkworth with my kids. I planned the trip and our first stop was Whangarei where the kids could have some fun at the adventure forest. There were many activities such as climbing treetops across bridges, the novelty bike, swing, skateboard, and the spider web. There is an excellent safety system put in place, which ensures that climbers are always attached to a safety harness when navigating the course. After a couple of hours, we had lunch and headed to Warkworth. 

At Warkworth, we decided to visit Sheepworld, which is New Zealand’s Sheep and Wool Centre. Twice a day, they have demonstrations of dogs rounding up and bringing in many sheep. Then follows sorting them before they shear the wool. There is a multimedia exhibition that explains how they turn the fleece into various products, which are available for sale at the store. The kids also enjoyed a walk through a native bush and playing in an adventure playground. Perhaps the highlight of the day was walking through a farmyard filled with animals. The playful lambs delighted the kids and then we had some snacks and refreshments at the on-site café. 

It was time to go back and we were all spent from the many things we had done that day. The kids were tired but happy and I was glad to have a full day to spend with them. Renting a vehicle for a day or a weekend has now become a family tradition when we all have time to spare. The good thing is that I can get a car on demand. I’m also glad that I don’t have to worry about car maintenance and I can get any car I want. The kids also like it when we can ride in a different car on a different day.

© Colleen.