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A Master and a Journeyman


When we need the help of electricians Christchurch, we have to know what level of mastery they have so as to know what kind of service they would deliver. One kind of electricians we have is those who have passed certain kind of examinations that give them a license to become the master electricians around town. They would be able to earn the title when they have enough experience on their field. Having an experience for at least two years qualify them to be called as master electricians because they have worked for different electrical cases at that time.


He is a master electrician because he helps buildings and homes comply with the electrical standards of the country. They do more than just repair because they can design your electrical system at home or at work. After designing, they can install it for you and maintain it whenever you need help with the maintenance. On the other hand, we also have another category called the journeyman. This is the state of master electrician before they can pass the exam and earn enough experience. They can also work as an assistant to the master electrician and someday soon they will become like them.



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