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Sustainable and Eco Friendly Tourism in NZ

NZ likes to brag about our low dependence on fossil fuel because of our high rate of renewable electricity - mostly from hydro, which is arguably not particulalry renewable at all. In any case, we have a few skeletons in the closet when it comes to other areas of our economy.

Farming, obviously, is one of the big ones, with methane emissions through the roof. Methane is a much more potent climate change agent than CO2 and as a result we are punching above our weight in terms of our contribution in this regard.

However, one we think about less is tourism - an industry NZ is highly dependent on. Both locals and visitors love to hire a campervan or car and trip around the country, often giving little thought to the environmental impact of this. Campervan Hire NZ is something of a national sport, but how often do people check out their rental company's track record on the environment?

If you or your family are going to be renting a motorhome this summer, make sure you check out the environmental policy of the company you rent from and what kind of standards they impose on themselves in terms of vehicle efficiency and eco-friendliness.

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