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Give Love a Chance

With recent victories for the right like Brexit and the election of Trump, it's easy to despair that compassion is on the wane. When did we all stop caring about our fellow man? This is a trend that urgently needs to be reversed if we're going to adequately deal with the climate challenges we're facing right now. People are starting to despair at the onslaught of demagogues and right wing populists and a can't beat em, join em type attitude is beginning to spring up.

So how do we keep up hope at a time like this? I think it's key to remember that love can conquer all. Keep friends and family close, continue to network and agitate at a grass roots level, and let love into your life. If you're struggling, try a site like Dating NZ to get back on the ball. You'd be amazed at how offering and receiving love will strengthen your convictions and help you keep going in this time of need.

© Colleen.