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Can Climate Change Be Tackled By Existing Institutions?

After the recent election of Trump and the general worldwide swing towards the political right and its concomitant denailism, it's worth asking the question: is it really possible to avoid climate catastrophe using the existing institutions, or do we need to now look outside our institutions to solve the problem?

The repeated failures to reach and kind of useful international agreement on emissions reduction suggests it's time to think further outside the box - the rescue that has long been expected from the world's governments is decidedly not on the way. (Does anyone really think that even had Clinton won, the world really would have made significant inroads towards emissions reductions? Does anyone think Keystone XL wouldn't have got the go-ahead?

Activists and green organisations need to look at ways they can use technology to organise more direct action. Social media, SEOs like and crowdfunding are all new weapons that can and should be used as part of the fight.

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